Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet Mr CMOY

Last winter, I finally joined in the crowd and bought an Ipod. I was disappointed with the earphones, so I upgraded to a set of Shure earphones. This led me to the Headwize forum. Since I have this DIY thing, I began building compact headphone amps. The guy who started this was Chu Moy, who published a simple opamp headphone amp and started many a hobbiest on their merry way. There are many versions and upgrades to this amp in both the elctronics end and also the cases. The standard case is the venerable Altoids box. I've built about a half dozen of these amps from both point to point methods and also commercially made pcbs. I also constructed the patch cord from silver coated cables with TFE insulation, but that is another post.

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